Kodomonia Namba

If you’re in the Namba area of Osaka looking to beat the heat or avoid the rain with the little ones, Kodomonia on the 5th floor of Namba Parks is a good bet.  We spent some time there recently, prior to catching the rapi:t to Kansai airport for our flight home.  It was a good way for the kids to burn some energy prior to the long flight.

IMG_5952 2.jpg

Kodmonia lists the target age range as 8 and under but the available activities generally skew younger.


Much of the fifth floor retail space nearby is also targeted at kids, from kids’ shoes to randoserus to toys, so you can take this opportunity to snag one of those coveted Oshiri Tantei plushies that amazon.co.jp won’t ship overseas!

IMG_5953 2.jpg