Japanese Emoji

If you’ve ever paged through your device’s emoji keyboard, you may have noticed an overrepresentation of emoji which are particularly Japanese.  Of course, the word emoji itself comes from the Japanese 絵文字.  The 絵 (え) means picture and the 文字 (もじ) means character.  Due to the initial rise of emoji usage on cell phones in Japan prior to the introduction of the iPhone and subsequent expansion of smartphone usage globally, there were simply a lot of Japan-specific emoji in use that were grandfathered in when emoji became standardized by the Unicode Consortium.

Naturally, there is a fascinating 99% Invisible Podcast episode about the emoji standardization process, which I highly recommend.

I’ve assembled a table of Japan-related emoji below.  How many do you know?  Are there any missing?

弁当べんとBento box lunch🍱
お握りおにぎりNigiri rice ball🍙
なべHot pot🍲
煎餅せんべいRice cracker🍘
カレーライスCurry rice🍛
鳴門巻なるとまきFish cake🍥
焼き芋やきいもRoasted sweet potato🍠
かき氷かきごりShaved ice🍧
雛人形ひなにんぎょうGirls day dolls🎎
鯉のぼりこいのぼりCarp streamer🎏
月見つきみMoon viewing🎑
富士山ふじさんMount Fuji🗻
日本の地図にほんのちずMap of Japan🗾
北斎ほくさいHokusai wave🌊
東京タワーとうきょうタワーTokyo tower🗼
しろJapanese castle🏯
鳥居とりいShinto torii gate⛩️
もやいMoyai statue in Shibuya🗿
郵便局ゆうびんきょくJapanese post office🏣
さくらCherry blossom🌸
風鈴ふうりんWind chime/bell🎐
新幹線しんかんせんBullet train🚅
門松かどまつGate pine🎍
提灯ちょうちんPaper lantern🏮
花札はなふだHanafuda playing cards🎴
初心者マークしょしんしゃマークNew driver sticker🔰
温泉おんせんHot springs♨️
いかAnger symbol💢
花丸はなまるHanamaru, "Well done" stamp💮
幼稚園の名札ようちえんのなふだKindergarten name badge📛