Manga Sound Effects

I’ve just begun introducing our oldest son to manga after seeing some recommendations for よつばと!  He hasn’t really taken to it yet, but reading together has exposed him to some new things like manga panel order conventions and sound effects.  The other day, we were reading a section from the first book, where Yotsuba walks up some steps to a torii gate, making only footstep sounds.  He is a great reader in both English and Japanese, but he pronounced the sound effects in this panel as Z Z partially because of how they’re drawn and partially because they’re hiragana てて not katakana テテ which is what he was expecting for sound effects.

てて sound effect

It turns out that some manga, including よつばと! often use hiragana for “softer” sound effect words.  Anyway, we had a good laugh about the ZZ てて mixup and moved on.